Well done Rebels!!  You came up with a list that might possibly outnumber the teachers that graduated from R.H.S.

So I decided to give you a list of the dedicated ladies that entered into that most valued profession. Don't forget the most famous nurse connected to our school...............EDITH CAVELL!!  (You can click on her profile under "Announcements" on the home page.)                   

Barb (Howie) Zade                                                                          

Betty (Thomas) Parmeter

Linda (Gazo) Minter                                                                         

Doreen (Robinson) Sigmund

Margaret Jones                                                                         

Joan Holditch

Patricia Booth                                                                                   

Ruth Holditch

Mary Lou (McKenzie) Hilton                                                         

Mary Margaret Oke                           

Lorrie (Clark) Bateman                                                                    

Mary Ellen (Loaring) Fellows

Marg (Allan) Swan                                                                      

Suzanne Cook                                             

Margaret Allen                                                                              

Janet (Barlow) Mosley

Mary (Parkinson) Lamon                                                          

Jenny (Horton) Dale

Sandra Firby                                                                              

Myrt (Tierney) Musselman

Helen (Gazo) Kearns                               

Jane Wylie

Mary Smith

Elaine (Kmit) O’Neil

Janet Morris

Pat Pickering

Betty Metz

Betty Wylie

Carol Burbridge

Janet Giffen

Nancy (Shulgan) Murrphy

Wanda (Batke) Silver

Iris (Rowe) Potts

Glenys (Clark) Bull

Myrna Malowney

Wendy Hasler   

Patricia (Wellock) Richardson

Wendy Duncan 

Susan Duncan    

Lynne Rushbrooke

Gail Purdy

Bev Wirch

Mary McPherson

Pam Fellows

Jane Dent

Wendy Burbridge

Gail Tripp

Janet McPherson

Ann Ferry

Karen Booth

Marcia Barron

Sue Bates

Cathy Prestanski

Susan Downey

Marilyn Topliffe

Wendy Brassel

Joyce Gibson

Ruth Leake

Stephanie Bertelle

Sandra Lloyd

Pam Allewick

Megan Sherman

Brenda Fryer

Brenda Tataren

Vera Service

Marilyn Holmes