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                                  Author - Pamela (Fellows) Sales

Children, teens and adults will be amazed by the unbelievable adventures of a cat named The Goose.  Her actions reveal how she is most unusual.  She is a real cat, and these are true stories.  The people and other cats in the stories are also real.  Only The Goose's thoughts are from the author's imagination.

To order this book visit: www.volumesdirect.com or e-mail Pam at theunusualgoose@gmail.com

Pam Fellows has had a lifelong interest in writing and storytelling.  A native of Windsor, Ontario, she has served in nursing and education--the latter as a high school English teacher in London and Guelph, Ontario and in Invercargill, New Zealand; she also has an MBA from the University of Victoria.  While living in Victoria, BC, Pam volunteered at the 1994 Commonwealth Games and was part of the International Writers' Festival.  There,she was inspired by many outstanding writers.  She returned to Ontario in 1998, teaching at Centennial C.V.I. in Guelph for twelve years.  Since retiring in 2011, she has lived in Waterloo.  This is her first published work. 



                 Author- David Loaring
Hello there:
    Jerry Dowling’s work is excellent. Thank you for providing the link.
    I have had memory-damaging seizures over the past ten years,
recently diagnosed and well under control with medications —
but I was forced to retire because of all this last November, age 70,
after 50 years working in Prepress for various printing companies.
    Anyway, I tell you all that because I’m not sure what
I have already told you. I’m not looking for applause or publicity.
I have nothing for sale, though in past years I have sold many
drawings and paintings, and I have written a dozen or so
little stories for young people. These I printed up and gave freely
to friends and family, for the fun of it, and they are available
to peruse on Facebook on a fairly inactive site called Cheddar’s Dreams.
Since my cat Cheddar died, I have not written any more little books,
or it may indeed be a result of the seizures.
    Somewhere in this room I have a school-assigned composition
with a comment from our teacher, Mr. Walton, “A Fine Piece of Writing”,
and I always have felt that was a fine piece of encouragement
for a young student finding his way in the world.
    And I feel my high school experience helped to shape my creativity.
    I hope to get back to it, now that I am retired and free from seizures.
    I have been transcribing my Mother’s thousands of poems and journals etc.
for distribution to family. I’ll attach the one poem of hers concerning a painting
that gave me my AKA — Appleman.
    Attachments also include:
Cover for Cheddar/Capt Cook story (to be found on Facebook site, Cheddar’s Dreams)
Photo of me selling my art at Windsor’s Art in the Park, with my Mother and my bored wife.
The Christ Bic pen drawing
My “corporate” Appleman logo
A couple of water-colours.
Turkey Soup commercial for my fictional restaurant, Soup Connâitre
For several years I signed myself Appleman on my paintings.
    And I apologize if some of this has already been expressed or sent.
    And I wish you well,
    David Loaring, AKA Appleman


                 Author- Dr. Janet (Varah) Donald

Hi Jackie
In response to your author request, I have written  books, chapters
and articles, but I think they would bore people to tears. If you are
curious, google 'Learning to think: Disciplinary perspectives'.  I am,
however, writing my memoirs, and am up to when we were 14.... I
started this project because I thought I should empty all my big red
annual binders, but am still on the first one!
My best


                                                         Author - Greg Constantine

Here you go! I just finished my 11th book last week and am looking for a publisher. Photo at bottom.
11. Bonjour Brancusi” is a 60 page graphic biography (164 frames) about the life and art of Constantin Brancusi, the Romanian peasant boy who, at age 19, walked 1200 miles to Paris in 1904 and according to scholars Sidney Geist, Eric Shanes and many others, developed into the most original and influential modern sculptor of the 20th century.

7. Un Isus newyorkez  (Jesus of New York)  (Premonitions of a New York Teenager) 2014   Amicus, Bucharest Romania  (92 pages, 42 drawings)

I took many things we know about Jesus during his ministry and approached the events as if he had premonitions of them, or like he would use the memories of his experiences as a 19-year-old observing hypocrisy and injustice later in one of his sermons.

6. "When Big Architects Were Little Kids” 2010  Edgecliffe Press, Cincinnati Ohio (38 pages, 34 watercolors)

5. "When MORE Big Artists Were Little Kids" 2010  Edgecliffe Press, Cincinnati Ohio (38 pages, 34 watercolors)

4. "When Big Artists Were Little Kids"  2009  Edgecliffe Press, Cincinnati Ohio (38 pages, 34 watercolors)

These three children's books are inspired by my own beginnings as an artist. They are for middle readers (ages 7-12) each depicting 17 famous artists or architects, from Leonardo to Warhol, as little kids, using a combination of the artists' biographical facts and my own imagination to tell the stories.

3. Picasso Visits Chicago 1986, Chicago Review Books, Chicago, IL, 80 pages. 74 drawings

2. Leonardo Visits Los Angeles 1985, Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 80 pages. 74 drawings, also released in
1985, Mondadori, Milan, Italy
1985, Kindler, Munich, Germany

1. Vincent van Gogh Visits New York  1983, Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 80 pages. 74 drawings, also released in
1983 Chatto & Windus, London, England
1984 Kindler, Munich, Germany
1984 Mondadori, Milan, Italy
1984 Aubier, Paris, France

Three 80-page books of drawings of famous artists coming to well-known American cities. The drawings are rife with references to contemporary art and culture, art history, and the life of the artists themselves. Documentation of the references in the end matter of each book makes them educational.

 Additional Self-Published Books

8.  Davey & Big G  2018 MI (35 pages, 51 images)

A graphic novel-styled story about an 11-year-old David (and Goliath stand-in) in today’s inner-city world using a basketball metaphor.

9. Angus McDuff Prays to the Golf Gods and the Golf Gods Prey on Angus 2006, 40 watercolors. Fickle “gods” influence a Scottish shepherd’s projectile while he attempts to play a pre-golf pastime. 

10. The Bad Good Pirates of Zanzibar 2015. 34 pages, 34 watercolors


                       Jerry Dowling