Edith Cavell Teachiers

Ken Caunce (1956)

Taking a dab of a stab on yesteryear, from a Grade 13 1956 perspective:

Grade 1: Ms. Case

Grade 2: Mrs. Tilson (tiltson, tillson?) Husband had been a war hero.

Grade 3: Ms. Latimer (many people's favorite teacher)

Grade 4: Ms. McGee (truly feared)

Grade 5: Ms. Woolgar (also taught Sunday school at RUC)

Grade 6: Ms. Rawlings became Ms. Schloz in our year. Most entertaining teacher ever, Monday afternoons were not to be missed as she regaled us with stories from the weekend. Lots of stories about Toledo Ohio. I think that is where Mr. Schloz might have been from. In the '60s, the Schlozes (sp) lived in South Windsor, near/next door to Mike Prince, a dynamo from the '50s era in the class below me, and who made it to the vice-presidency of a bank in downtown Detroit. [Was our last year with Judy MacDonald as a fellow student.]

Grade 7: Ms. Cleveland, (Willis and Hetherington on some subjects)

Grade 8: Mrs. Willis. Her late husband was a war hero. She never remarried and she saw us as her children. Became a friend in later life. Best teacher of English grammer ever. Brought fear to all gum chewers and I was one of the best.  

Mr. Stephens, a tall stud, came along in the later years and was our first basketball coach. Might have taught shop.

All my 13 years in the same building. Edith Cavell, a First World War nurse, had an Albertan mountain named after her. It used to be a beautiful mountain but global warming is reducing the glacier each year.

And there was a teacher, Ms. Edwards, at Prince Edward, who used to live at Jerry Lefave's on Reedmere.

And Prince Edward also had a student named Bjarne Tokerud. He was from a later generation but he ran the best second-hand bookstore in Edmonton for decades before heading to Victoria to do the same. A most enlightened gentleman.

I was in love with Miss Latimer who was my first teacher at Edith Cavell. Mrs. Clements had me fist in the class in Grade Six and I had Mrs. Willis as my Grade Eight teacher for the year we went to “Was it Prince Charles?” Had Mr. Hetherington when Mrs. Willis wasn’t available. Used to feel so sorry for his daughter who took a lot of ribbing.
I remember Mr. Armin as a Music teacher. Many years later Otto came to play at the school where I taught for seventeen years.
Bill Voy

Hi Jackie, I had grade 4 in the basement 'lunch room' at RHS. I cannot remember correctly, but we had a young male teacher whose name was something like Mr. George or Mr Frank? Also, David and I would most likely attend a 2018 Reunion, depending on the date. We tend to travel in the Fall. I can think of 4-6 others who would probably attend as well but may not have responded yet. Cheers from Naples, FL Susy (Ardiel) Ruch


For 8th grade we Jack Cornwell/ John McCrae people were stuck in the basement of Edith Cavell. Our teacher was Mr Gault who had a few idiosyncracies. The two I remember are: he snorted a lot, and when he returned from the bathroom after washing his hands (I hope) he dried them in my hair! Hard to believe, but I had a lot of hair back then.

Greg Constantine

Catherine Housley (Daichendt) (1958)

Have been reading everyone’s posts.

I was at EdithCavell from 1946-1953..I think 😜.

And of course 9-12 at RHS..in the same building.

My teachers were grade 3..Miss Latimer,

Grade 4 miss McGee..

Grade 5..mr Stevens. Fun year..was his first ..

Grade 6 miss Clements..grade 7 ..mr Nichols and

Grade 8, Mrs Willis and Mr Heatherington.

Happy Edith Cavell experience..

Cathie Housley Daichendt

Doreen & Walt Robinson (Sigmund) (1957)

Walt's (starting in 1944) recollection of teachers:  Edith Cavell  PS, Riverside ON


Gr 1    Miss Case

Gr2   Miss Case

Gr 3    Miss Latimer

Gr 4   Miss McGee

Gr 5  MIss Shrigley

Gr 6  Mis Clements 

Gr 7 Miss Clevland  , Mrs. Willis , Mr Hetherington.

Gr 8 Mrs. Willis , Mr Hetherington.

Interesting how one of those excellent teachers, was terminated by the Riverside  Public School Board, after and because  she married a  non- Postestant man . The Riverside News weekly, publicized that occurence .That 's  just how things were in those days. 


Gail Stephenson (Clegg) (1955)

Gail Clegg (Stephenson)   I was a newbie, arriving at Cavell 1948/49 in pretty Miss Clevelands Grade 7 class. The Principal was Mr. Hetherington and he also taught history in Grade 8 in Mrs. Willis's room.


Brian Barker (1965)

I as well attended Mrs. Bunt's pre school, then went to Edith Cavell for Grades 1-3, before going to newly constructed Princess Anne...Grade 1 was Mrs. Steves...don't remember grades 2 & 3..

Bob Lynch (1959)

jackie asked if anyone remembered Edith Cavell teachers. My grade two teacher was Miss Beer. My pre school teacher was Mr. Bunt at her house and then at Riverside United.  Bob Lynch

Norm Neuls (1957)

I was at Edith Cavell 1946-1953.  Remember the teachers as:

 Grade 1  Mrs. Steeves

 Skipped grade 2

Grade 3  Miss Lattimer

Grade 4  Mrs. McGee - She & I didn't get along.  She had a burr up her crotch for me for some reason and my dad made a trip to the school to try and resolve the situation.

Grade 5  Charlie Day  Remember him that if you weren't paying attention, he'd throw a chalk eraser at your desk.

Grade 6  can't remember

Grade 7  Mrs. Willis  I know she normally taught grade 8 but I did grade 8 at Princess Elizabeth (first graduating class)  Maybe Jackie remembers the circumstances as he and I were there together.

Grade 8 (at Princess Elizabeth) can't remember teachers but do have an 8x10 glossy of the graduating class.

Hey Jackie,  was a year behind Leo .  Did my first year at The Ursuline on Ouellette bacause of a Jan. birthday.  Riverside wanted me to wait a year. Took two buses every day by myself, with the Glidden gals working in Detroit making sure I got on the right second bus.   Entered grade 2 at Cavell the next year.
Miss Case - 2, a mean bear
Lovedy Ann McGee - 3 and 4 three was split class, one row of us.  That put me in with Leo’s class.  Had two years of Essex Count history
Miss Shrigley - 5. Pretty, sweet, fun, a welcome relief.
Miss Cleveland - 7, another young one.  A treat having survived Miss Clements. She taught music.
Mr. Perry - 7 Believe he was our home room teacher, his first job.  He was just home from the war and this was his first job.  He would tell war stories.
Mrs. Willis -8 home room.  She had lost her husband at Dieppe, always seeming sad.  His portrait hung in the hallway.  She taught grammar to the nth degree.
Mr. Hetherington - part of the attempt to introduce rotary in 7&8
It will be interesting if others concur with my memory.
Beth (Livingstone) French
I only had Mrs. Steves and then we were moved to Princess Elizabeth.
Some days..........and this is weird and maybe someone else can recollect the reason why we had school in the Presbyterian Church down the road, and then back at Edith Cavell.  And back and forth.  Can’t remember for how long, but it was more than just one day, and kids were all mixed up as to where to go for Grade One and Mrs. Steves
And I don’t remember if we went the whole year at Edith Cavell or if they moved us in the middle somewhere.
Sally (Barlow) Anderson
As best as I can remember:  Grade One - Miss Beamer
                        Grade Two - ??
                        Grade Three - Miss Latimer
                        Grade Four - Mr Bunt
                        Grade Five - Miss Deneham ? I think that was her name
                            &      - Mr. Gray
At Prince Charles for Grade  6 and 7 I had Miss Clements, Grade 8 was Mrs Willis and Mr.Hetherington.
After that it was RHS and a host of other teachers i.e. Wilkinson, Byng, O’Gorman ,Krewinch, Sabo, Mrs. Trotier, Roy Giroux, Miss Westgate, Mr Medd, Mr Droulard, Mr. Melville, Mr. Winterton, Mrs Raymond, Miss Griffith, Mr Giles, Mr Mascaro, Mr.Gorski, Miss Clary, and probably some others.
Hope this helps - Bennet Ormseth                                                                                    
Hi Jack.    My Edith Cavell Teachers were:
Grade 1  Mrs. Thelma Steeves
Grade 2    Miss Beer
Grade 3    Miss Latimer
Grade 4    Miss McGee  (Mrs. Wilson)
Grade 5    Mr. Deane
Grade 6    Miss Clements
Grade 7    Mrs Lowry and Mr. Hetherington
Grade 8    (moved to Prince Charles)  Mrs. Winnifred Willis
Barbara Boycott


I was in Edith Cavell Grade 2 in 1939-40, having done Grade 1 at John McRae.  My teachers were a Miss Read (Grade 2), Miss McGee (Grades 3 and 4), Miss Park (Grade 5), Miss Williams(Grade 6), skipped Grade 7 and had Mrs. Willis in Grade 8.  Miss Park left after that year to get married and later, as Mrs. Ann Squires, became a Moderator of the United Church of Canada and a professor in the religion department of Carleton University.  Mary Lu (Mott) MacDonald

Hi Jack
Charlie Day also taught at John MacCrae......I think he was our 3rd
grade teacher and I had such a crush in him!
Lanny Hoffman


Over  in england the name  is apparently pronounced without any heavy accent on the vell .  like cavull . iv'e heard in at least two English movies . i"ll check with my sister Rachel who will be 95 in August to see if she remembers her teacher (s) .She and my oldest sister Lily started the same day in 1927 I believe .She cried so much when registering lily they let her start also it was a two room school .she got her SR matric at Walkerville at age 16 .(the only one of our family who went that far ) She still has her wits about her but has macular degeneration . I remember Miss Tackaberry in gr ! and Lovedy Ann McGee in gr 4 .also Mrs Steeves;Miss Williams ,Mrs Lowery and  Mrs Willis


.sorry but i was wrong .she went to  the school  as it looks now .i didn't do my math .she still remembers a teacher named Miss Helkie . .Just some history .regards sam

                                                                 Sam Cornett